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Play Everywhere

We stumbled upon some interesting places to play on our recent trip to Berlin and Copenhagen. Play everywhere is a good value — these two cities don’t just limit play to little parks. The German embassy in Copenhagen had these … Continue reading

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Helicopter parents, race, and class: why the cops were called on two Native American teens on a college tour

Recently, a mother on a campus tour of Colorado State University called the police on two Native American teens because she found their behavior “odd” and their clothing disturbing. They were wearing heavy metal band t-shirts and didn’t answer her … Continue reading

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Reevaluating Our Prohibition of Fire

“Don’t play with fire!” is such a common warning in the U.S. we take for granted that it is true. We believe that the best way to deal with kids’ fascination with fire is to prohibit it entirely. But this … Continue reading

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Achtung in SF and Seattle

I had a fabulous trip to the West Coast including stops at two great Achtung Baby bookstore events in the San Francisco Bay Area: hosted by Book Passage in Sausalito and Napa Bookmine at the Napa County Library! I also enjoyed some … Continue reading

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Achtung Baby Arrives!

Achtung Baby was released January 2nd! I had a great launch week with an appearance on the Today Show,  a live Salon Talk, a great review in USA Today, and the UK’s Daily Mail–and a presentation at Politics & Prose bookstore. … Continue reading

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