Play Everywhere

We stumbled upon some interesting places to play on our recent trip to Berlin and Copenhagen. Play everywhere is a good value — these two cities don’t just limit play to little parks.

The German embassy in Copenhagen had these interesting bumps in front of it. At first, I didn’t know what they were — but the kids knew exactly what to do with them.

German embassy play bumps

Next I give you the German “Hof” or yard. Almost all apartment buildings have them in Berlin. Something American cities could use: a little shared green space — of course with a bit of playground. Some friends of ours had a pretty great one, including what our family calls a “spider swing” because it looks like a web. Even older kids like this swing because they can stand up and really make it go!



Last but not least are the playful fountains I found in both countries. Not sure what the story is here — but it’s a hippo shooting water out its nose and if you look close there are some tourist mice on its back… not sure what the story is there.

Hippo fountain

For more, check back here or check out my “seen in Berlin”  photos, I’ve been posting on Instagram and Facebook. More to come… and some from Copenhagen too.




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