The First

“A compelling, imaginative, fast-paced joy to read.”
-Christina Ahn, Amazon top 1,000 reviewer, Ensconced in YA blog

The First book cover.







     In paperback                                    or                                           Ebook

Available at Amazon, AppleBarnes & Noble , Kobo, and  Smashwords


.“This book was special in a way which I haven’t seen in ages. Not only is it different, it is creative and original.”– Elicia Cheah,  Girl in the Woods Reviews

“Sara Zaske has delivered a debut novel that brings a fabulous twist of a tale to the YA genre! It is fresh and new, and I loved it!” – Kathy LaMee, Tracy Riva Books and Review

Description: Cassie Craig is not the chosen one. Not even close. She’s just an ordinary, 15-year-old California girl with a few problems. She talks too much. She has a crush on a guy in her school. She worries about her dad who’s a Marine in Afghanistan.

Then, there’s her new friend, Violet. The weirdest girl in school, Violet comes from magical people who claim to be the first on earth. When Cassie discovers that Violet has powers over nature, she will do  anything to be her friend – all for the chance Violet might help bring her dad home.

But Cassie isn’t the only one who wants Violet’s powers, and she soon finds out how dangerous it is to be the true friend of one of the most powerful magical beings in the world.



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 *About the Ebook cover art: This a portion of a stunning painting (yes that’s a painting!) entitled: “beauty is suspect fair weather friends” by Sarah Anne Graham. See the full original and other great paintings at

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