Sky playground

Talk about loft-living. On our recent trip, we spent some time in Copenhagen and discovered this playground on the top of a building.

five flights of stairs on side of the building that go to the top

This playground is meant to get both adults and kids moving. To start, you can get to the playground by going up these stairs:





Once on the top of the building, overlooking the Baltic Sea, kids can hop around on in-ground trampolines, try several different swings, climb ropes, and dangle on monkey bars. Adults can do many of the same things, and there’s an exercise circuit with stops for chin-ups and climbing.



And of course if the playground is not high enough for you, you can go even higher on this amazing climbing pyramid…





Do you live in a big city? Do you have anything like this on top of your building or nearby? I’d love to see more examples…

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