Reevaluating Our Prohibition of Fire

“Don’t play with fire!” is such a common warning in the U.S. we take for granted that it is true. We believe that the best way to deal with kids’ fascination with fire is to prohibit it entirely. But this is not universal to all cultures.

I wrote about how Germans teach kids how to use fire rather than forbid it for the New York Times  and in my book Achtung Baby, but it is perhaps more compelling to see it in practice:

Check out my full post on why we might want to reevaluate our prohibition on fire for Psychology Today, including another video of kids making fire from Kain Karawahn’s fire workshops at a Berlin Kita. Check it out!


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1 Response to Reevaluating Our Prohibition of Fire

  1. Heino Prinz says:

    I completely agree with your assessment, and I would lie to add one observation:
    Here in Germany people generally do not cross on a red pedestrian light and wait for the green one. This seems stupid to foreigners, but we simply do not want to irritate kids when they are on their way. Kids are always told to wait for green, and when they see grown ups to cross on a red light, they may think that waiting is uncool. I myself usually look if there are kids around. If they are not, then I might cross on a red light if I am in a hurry

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