My son’s sign for the March for Our Lives


My son’s sign for March for Our Lives got some attention today. He told me after the march that his school does not always tell him when a lockdown is a drill, and it scares him. I wrote about the unnecessary terror of having real lockdown drills in a post for Psychology Today. Read it here.

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1 Response to My son’s sign for the March for Our Lives

  1. Susanne says:

    I love his sign, and can very well imagine what this must feel like. We live about 20 min from Parkland, which doesn’t even matter, since it could have happened anywhere in the US.
    I read bout your book Achtung Baby (and will certainly soon read it itself). However, imagine how it is to make the experiences about the different parenting styles (and so many other cultural differences I wasn’t really expecting) the other way round. We came here a few years ago with a 4 and an 8 years old, who were both pretty self-reliant – and reliable – for their age. They knew how to use silverware when we came over, and here I still have to ask for a knife for my now 7 years old in some restaurants 🙂

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