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Fantastic Finds: Somewhere Over the Freakin’ Rainbow

by L.L. Muir Never spy on the neighbors, even if they’re a cultish tribe of people who hold secret late-night rituals in the cornfields behind your house, and you have a tree house with a perfect view. Sounds pretty tempting, … Continue reading

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Why the Indie E-book Revolution is Good for Readers

Self-publishing isn’t just for that weird guy with a garage full of unsold manifestos anymore. Amazon and Smashwords have opened up the floodgates for anyone who wants to publish e-books—for free. Established authors as well as a lot of newbies … Continue reading

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On bad books and bad reviews…

I find positive reviews more helpful than negative ones. You want to find a good book to read, right? Still, I will occasionally post bad reviews on here, but only of established writers. You should know whether it is worth … Continue reading

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