Fantastic Finds: Somewhere Over the Freakin’ Rainbow

by L.L. Muir

Somewhere book coverNever spy on the neighbors, even if they’re a cultish tribe of people who hold secret late-night rituals in the cornfields behind your house, and you have a tree house with a perfect view. Sounds pretty tempting, right?

In Somewhere, Jamison lets his curiosity get the better of him because one of the neighbors happens to be a hot girl named Skye. But when the ritual turns deadly and his friends get caught, Jamison must overcome his own cowardice and do something.

I almost didn’t believe what a super coward Jamison was at the start of this book, but I kept reading. Then about half way, I was a bit disappointed when the magical element of the book was revealed (It’s just not  really my thing.) Still, I kept reading. I will forgive a lot of flaws in a book if it’s well-written, and

L.L. Muir is proof that there are Indie authors out there who can really write.

She creates a compelling plot from page one that makes Somewhere  hard to put down. Her characters are well-drawn and sympathetic. She reveals the mystery of the book slowly, but without frustrating the reader. She doesn’t “overwrite;” there are no extra words or unnecessary scenes. And the flaws in the book are not huge. In other words, Somewhere is at least as good, if not better, than many books put out by traditional publishers today. I might even consider reading the next one. It’s due out in June…


On Amazon: Somewhere Over the Freaking Rainbow

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