Fantastic Recommends: Cinder

Cinder by Marissa Meyer

Cinder has a problem with her foot. It’s the wrong size. Not her shoe, her foot. Because Cinder is a cyborg. Intriguing twist on Cinderella huh? Fairy tales seem to be made to be re-told and adapted, but by far Cinder is one of the most ingenious I’ve come across.

Cinder isn’t a straight re-telling of the fairy tale—it doesn’t merely shift the time and setting. Meyer’s main character Cinder has a lot more say in what happens in her story than the traditional Cinderella who’s just passively good and is rescued by a fairy godmother and true love.

Meyer’s tale is set in New Beijing in some far strange future where humans, cyborgs and androids intermingle, but where only the humans have any real status. And then there’s Luna—a civilized moon with a terrifying queen who is constantly threatening war, if she doesn’t get to marry the prince (and takeover the world that way no doubt.)

Enter Cinder, a mechanic hired to fix the prince’s android which holds a key national security secret. Of course, she’s hindered in everything she does by a stepmother and at least one nasty step-sister. Still, Cinder fights for her rights and ultimately for her prince in ways that surprise and delight.

I cannot say enough good things about this book. It’s well-written, fast paced with a lot of action, and a bit subversive. It left me with something to think about.

If you like sci-fi or fairy tales, or romance, then Cinder is for you.


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3 Responses to Fantastic Recommends: Cinder

  1. susanbright says:

    sounds like a fun read!

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