Cold howling teens in love: Review of Shiver

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

This is a teenage werewolf love story. I’m not giving anything away here. A wolf attack survivor, Grace is obsessed with the a wolf she’s seen in the woods behind her house, every winter ever since she was attacked. Of course, he turns out to be Sam, a werewolf who has been pining after her. The story is told from shifting perspectives between Sam and Grace.

I love the way Stiefvater writes. I can’t avoid the play on words: the opening of Shiver is chilling, and it pulls you into the story right away.

However, Shiver is a like a much-better written Twilight, only with werewolves. By which I mean sure it’s fun, but it’s not a very deep story. While Grace and Sam are well-developed characters, Shiver wallows a bit on their romance, turning almost a bit sappy at times.

Still, it is an enjoyable read, even though I can’t rave about it. And there are still a few days left on Amazon’s January deal on the ebook for $2.99.

In my opinion, Stiefvater’s more recent book, Raven Boys, (see my review here) is a much better story.


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