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Do Parents Matter? Recommended reading for raising free kids

Fair warning: this book may shake any strong convictions you have about the right way to parent. The LeVines have studied parenting practices in cultures all over the world. One of my favorite examples is the Nso people of Cameroon … Continue reading

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The non-pushy parent: how to be a German mum

I wrote another piece about my experiences as an American parent in Berlin. It appeared in The Times newspaper in the U.K. Here’s a short sample. (Sorry you have to go to The Times site to read the whole thing but … Continue reading

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Four things Germans do better than Americans (or not)

As an American living in Berlin, I’ve noticed a few cultural differences. It’s clear that Germans do some things better than Americans: free preschool, public transportation, beer festivals. . . And some things Americans do better: fast Internet, customer service–oh and … Continue reading

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