A blog by any other name…


still smells like a blog?

So, I changed the name of my blog. While I’ve gotten rid of the title “YA Fantastic Book Review,” the blog itself will not change drastically.

Don’t worry! I’ll still be doing book reviews, but I wanted to have more of an author blog (since after all, I write books) as well as broaden the focus a bit, write about other issues, and even review some great books that may not be all YA, fantasy, or sci-fi. Make no mistake, I still love the stuff, and there will still be reviews in those genres.

Now, the title is simply my name + the word “blog.” Maybe it’s not super catchy, but it’s honest because hey, it’s just me talking here. Anyway, I hope you all will stick with me!

What do you think about the name? Hate it? Love it? Your comments are always appreciated.

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4 Responses to A blog by any other name…

  1. Whhhaaaa? I liked the Fantastic Book Review. You have a nice name though, so the new name works too, but I guess I just like the word ‘Fantastic’ in the title. Maybe Fanastic Sara Z’s blog?!

    • sarazaske says:

      I like the idea of keeping the fantastic. Maybe I can subliminally link my name to fantastic in readers’ minds: Sara Zaske fantastic, the fantastic Sara Zaske. Maybe I should just change my name to Sara Fantastic! I’d sound like a super hero or a magician 🙂 I’m changing it to follow best practices for author blogs one of which is supposedly having your name in the title. Trying it out, we’ll see…

  2. Jo Anne Murphy says:

    I like it. Straight and to the point. 🙂

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