Oh my stars! What a big list of book reviews!

A couple of changes to the blog:

First, I added a page called the Big List of Book Recs See it up there? It has all the books I’ve reviewed on the blog: all on one page! I hope to make it easier for you to find a book you like. And all the ones on the list are awesome because I have excellent taste. 🙂 Every book on the list has at least 4 or 5 stars. OK there are a few in the 3-star category at the end. But if it’s less than that, I usually don’t review it at all.

And about those stars… I’ve added stars to most of my reviews on the blog. I didn’t do this before because this is a recommendation site. (I’m a lover not a hater. ) Still, people seem to like stars, and they sure are purty. So now you’ll see stars at the end of each review, courtesy of free clip art from webweaver.

 5_stars(oooh shiny!)

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