The Last Stops

Wow my virtual feet are tired. The First Blog Tour is coming to a close, but it’s going out with some real smashing blog stops!

Check out my guest blog post on the Off-Center Heroine on Bella Harte Books. Here’s a sample:

“I know it must be awfully hard to be the chosen one: what to do with all that power? And then the jealousy! Everyone wants to either be you or beat you. Those bad guys just always zoom right in on the chosen one, don’t they?. . . (read more)

Then head over to the superblog Ensconced in YA for an interview and giveaway. Christina is one of the best reviewers I’ve come across. She is an Amazon top reviewer with  nearly 500 reviews!

In the interview, find out how The First began… And who’s my favorite character… And a little something I inspired that has almost nothing to do with the book… (click here)

Download The First on Amazon or Smashwords.

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