It’s a Hardcover Life

Check out this lovely blog: It’s a Hardcover Life. I’m on there talking about how amazing I am-in an ever-so-humble way, naturally.

Here’s a small bit of my guest post on writing The First

It’s all in my head: writing The First
(or how to write a novel when you have no time)
The First actually wasn’t the first. The first book I wrote, which I’m now calling Spitfire, took forever, (um, I should say “is” taking forever because I’m going to revise it yet again), and I approached it with a serious work ethic. I made outlines. I plotted and re-plotted. What I didn’t do was write…

Visit It’s a Hardcover find out if I did actually finish that book. And one more, perhaps you heard of it. It’s called The First

The full list The First Blog Tour stops is here.

Download The First on Amazon or Smashwords.

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