THE FIRST will debut for free on Earth Day, April 22!

Celebrate Earth Day with a free “green” e-book: 

A young adult urban fantasy/eco-thriller (yes it needs its own special mashed up genre), The First follows fifteen-year-old Cassie Craig as she discovers that the strangest girl in her class is more than just a little weird. She’s part of a group of people who were here on earth long before us.

Powerful people.

And they aren’t exactly happy with the way we’ve been treating their planet.

Find out how an ordinary California girl deals with her new, extraordinary friend. The First will be available for free only for a limited time on Amazon. Mark your calendar!

Visit The First’s book page.

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3 Responses to THE FIRST will debut for free on Earth Day, April 22!

  1. Leanne says:

    Can’t wait to read it!

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