Fantastic Recommends: WAKE

by Lisa McMann
For ages: 14 and up

Talk about nightmares. Seventeen-year-old Janie is pulled into other people’s dreams. Sounds cool, except the dreams are usually the powerful, anxiety-ridden kind, and they make Janie blackout where ever she happens to be. When Janie starts seeing a really psycho nightmare that gives her a starring role, she needs to figure out whose it is and how to stop it.

Wake is a fun, fast-paced book which will keep you up at night reading.

McMann really knows how create great characters. Janie, with her unusual talent, is likeable and believable. Her plot is engrossing, and the romance is not typical. In fact, her hero has won a little following all his own. My only complaint is that the book isn’t incredibly deep. I love stories with layers, and Wake is very straightforward. But all in all, it is still a very enjoyable read.

4_starsAnd it’s the start of a trilogy, so if you like this one, there are more…

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2 Responses to Fantastic Recommends: WAKE

  1. Sounds really interesting. Think I may have to add this to my TBR list! Good review.

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